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Trymas Media Network Private Limited, a subsidiary of Liverpool Holdings, launched ‘Capital FM’ in December 2017. In the world renown Sri Lankan Tamil broadcasting industry, Capital FM is committed in encouraging new thoughts and opinion within society. Capital FM will be second to none in terms of its creative content that cannot be compared with other players in the industry. We can guarantee that our content will be unique, and something the Sri Lankan Tamil Broadcasting industry has lacked in the past.

Capital FM consists of a team of professionals, who continue to tirelessly work to ensure high transmission and content quality. It is worth noting that we have a separate ‘Capital News’ division dedicated to providing true facts on issues that affect day to day lives. People listen to Capital News in search of the accurate information we offer in a timely manner, and we take accuracy very seriously!

Liverpool Holding is a collection of companies involved in a variety of industries apart from media such as: Shipping; Freight Forwarding; Duty Free operations; Trading & Exporting Commodities; Construction & Renovation; IT Industry; Hospitality; Renewable Energy; and Petroleum. Established in 1998.The first company established was Liverpool Navigation Private Limited and then expanded into other areas. Over time we have developed an enviable reputation of producing the highest quality services coupled with an unrivalled level of trust and responsibility.

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