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Capital FM Launch Event

Trymas Media Network Private Limited, a subsidiary of Liverpool Holdings, launched its first brand namely, ‘Capital FM’, a Tamil Radio Broadcasting station on 1st December 2017. Broadcasting has commenced throughout Sri Lanka on the frequencies 94.0 MHz & 103.1 MHz.  

We at Capital FM are dedicated to bringing about innovative ideas to the industry, at this juncture we can guarantee that our content will be unique, something the Sri Lankan Tamil Broadcasting industry is yet to see. 

Content is not the only factor you will see different with Capital FM, we have a competent team of professionals, who have tirelessly worked to provide the best possible transmission quality around the island. Our studio located in Colombo 05 comprises of state of the art equipment tailor made to serve this purpose. 

Mr. Ziya Ul Hazan will serve as the Channel Head, it is pertinent to mention that he has won 13 national awards and has been instrumental in revitalising the Tamil teledrama industry, he has also directed one of Sri Lanka’s most popular reality TV shows. We have an exciting team consisting of both experienced and new, but talented individuals. 

We are confident that we will make a long-lasting impact in the industry. Being a media institution, an influencer of public opinion, we will be responsible in what and how we report. We will focus on achieving an ideal balance in between getting the information out quickly, while maintaining accuracy. The Capital FM team will function as a responsible media institution, for the people.   

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